From inspiration to a new product: Forceview

When I was a child, I always wished that I had been born later in time. That would have allowed me to see the technology of the future. That curiosity has always been my inspiration. Whenever I hear about new products, innovations, or services, I always wonder about how I can apply that technology. This also happened in September 2014. During a meeting with Patrick ten Broeke, the seed for Forceview was planted. This is our Qualogy product that has since become a reality.

Patrick ten Broeke is a former commissioning party and organization advisor in strategic human resources planning. During our meeting, we were discussing the fact that Patrick bases his advice on the facts provided by Excel sheets and that he presented his results in PowerPoint. This bit of information set my mind racing. What if he could automate this process? A more professional technique and brand would make such a service suitable for large organizations. Patrick was immediately interested.

The first breakthrough

As we shared the enthusiasm for such a project, we decided to join forces. Patrick provided the subject matter-related input, and I researched the technological possibilities and requirements. The first breakthrough came a few days later. I knew I wanted to try and develop a solution with a new Oracle Product called BICS (Business Intelligence Cloud Service). But this product was not yet available on the market at this point. While speaking to Evelyn, an Oracle pre-sales consultant, I explained that this technology would be perfect for strategic human resources planning.

Evelyn consequently arranged for me to speak to the Netherlands Sales Manager for BI and the Director of Product Management at the Oracle OpenWorld 2014 in San Francisco. The Director of Product Management was so interested in my idea that he immediately promised me a BICS account. Once we were able to start at Qualogy with BICS, progress moved fast. After only four days I was able to present the first demo of Forceview.

Forceview: strategische HR binnen handbereikForceview: strategic HR within easy reach


Now, just one year later, Forceview is a reality. Our very first clients are the Schiedam and Barneveld municipal authorities in the Netherlands. The fact that these are two local government bodies is not a coincidence. Patrick and I both have a proven track record in the public sector, so approaching the municipalities was a logical first step to take. We knew that many municipal authorities are faced with issues including an ageing population, ensuring employability until an older age, and retaining young talent. But Forceview is also perfect for commercial companies with which we are currently holding talks as well.

Dream away with Oracle Cloud

Whenever a new interesting technology is released, I start to imagine the possibilities. Then that childhood wish emerges again. What are the possibilities? The Oracle Cloud solutions are fantastic. Presenting a demo after only four days of developing? That is of course ridiculously fast. If I had tried to develop Forceview with on-premises Business Intelligence technology I would have been busy for months. Oracle Cloud solutions enable Qualogy as system integrator to provide fast and flexible new services.

I am already working towards the future with Forceview and I’m really excited about the follow-on development. When I look at the Oracle roadmap, I see several exciting developments on the horizon for the next year. While I can’t mention anything specifically, there will be some new functions that will give ForceView added value.

–  Gudron van der Wal